California Pajarosa roses are picked at the perfect time to ensure that clients receive flowers with the longest possible vase life. To maximize vase life, follow these tips:

Carefully wash the vase or container prior to use. Sterilizing with hot soapy water and a thorough rinsing works best.

  • Fill with water and floral preservative.
  • Remove all foliage that will enter the water. This will help prevent bacteria growth.
  • Cut at least one inch of stem at a 45º angle preferably with a knife or scissors.
  • Place flowers in cool area, away from any heat source
  • Check and replace water daily.
  • Flowers should be recut and placed in fresh water with preservative every 2-3 days

Note: All flowers shipped dry in boxes will last longer if one inch of stem is cut and flowers are placed in cooler or refrigerator at 36-40º F for 1-2 hours.